Mine for Tonight by J.S. Scott

Mine for Tonight ~ Simon - J.S. Scott

Story-wise, I did like this. The steamy scenes were just that, and the characters were likeable. Albeit Kara was a bit more likeable than Simon, due to his stalkerishness and need for control, but as the story went on I kind of wanted to know more about him and his past. I love the fact that they both like gaming, and that she is completely obsessed with the game she had no clue he made. They kind of fit together and I kind of want to know whether or not they will stay together in the end. I hope that in the others some sort of conflict, like the woman from Simon's past, comes into play, because that would undoubtedly be the deciding factor in whether or not him and Kara will stay together. It would decide whether or not they are strong enough to overcome a bump in their relationship, and hopefully, they would. If this conflict is not introduced, since it is hinted at all through this first book, or portion in the story, then I don't know how good it will be. I mean, I read the preview of the second book, and while the whole gunmen threat is, in fact, a conflict that could have impact, it doesn't fit with the overall story. It feels thrown in, whereas Simon's past coming back to possibly haunt him or bring back unresolved feelings within himself doesn't feel that way and would make more sense if it was introduced as well in the next portions of the story.

In regards to the length of the story, I do recommend putting all the parts together into one. While I do love cliffhangers, I believe that this books ending was unnecessarily cut short. It just makes more sense to me to put all of them into one complete book. This is, more or less, a novella.