Cured Meat by Polly Trope

Cured Meat: Memoirs of a Psychiatric Runaway - Polly Trope

Cured Meat. I wasn't sure what to expect from a book with a title like that, aand I had some doubts about whether or not I would like it, but after reading its blurb, I thought I should try it. It surprised me.

This book is about a spiral into darkness, with bouts of happiness and clarity, albeit few, mixed in. It is about a woman's journey through depression, addiction, and mental illness. It delves into her mind and unleashes her inner-most thoughts and fears throughout this entire thing.

The imagery of this book is quite beautiful, and after a slightly rocky start for me in the beginning, I began to feel with her. She has thoughts that everyone at some point has in the duration of their life, some admit this fact while others dismiss it, and every page of this book is so brutally honest and unflinching.

While these days there is not much the world doesn't talk about, I feel that mental illness is one of the rare subjects that is blatantly ignored by most. The dark corners of one's mind is such a passed over subject, that it makes this book wholly unique. This author's voice is like a candle shedding light in those corners making them known to the world. Which makes me like this book all the more.


It was truly an experience reading this, and one that I might not forget in future.