Forager by Peter R Stone

Forager - Peter R. Stone

I must first state that I love when I get receive pictures of the covers of books that are kind of 3D. I think it is just the coolest thing.

Moving on.

When I decided to read and review this particular book, I honestly wasn't sure if I would like it. I mean, I love dystopian and post-apocalyptic novels, it is interesting to see humans fighting for survival in a world of devastation, but I didn't know what this book bring. Of course I had read the blurb, and normally I can tell by a blurb that I will like the book, and sometimes even love it, but this one was an enigma to me. It was a blank slate. And because of this reason, I decided to give it a try.

From the first page, I was pleasantly surprised. This story is wonderful. The world itself is written so very well, to the point where I could envisage every single part of it. And the characters...I love that everyone in Ethan's home is one way, while the Japanese girl he saves is almost the exact opposite. Woman are to be seen and not heard, but this girl has guts like you wouldn't believe. I think that is why she was basically my favorite out of them all. And believe you me, there were a few contenders.

I need to admit that when the connection between Ethan and the girl was revealed, and they ended up happy as clams, I was disappointed. I felt like something was missing. But then I turned the page and BOOM!...drama. It was like the author wanted us to feel a kind of false sense of security, a kind of "okay, they are what?" type of thing. I LOVE THAT! I love being shown that, as a reader, I do not know what direction an author will go. I love being 180'd. It just takes the cake when an author can bring me from a calm state one minute to one of action and excitement the next.


The second book in this series is definitely on my to-read list. I just can't get enough. It was interesting and flowed amazingly well and I just so floored by how much this book surprised me with it's quality. It was truly an outstanding story.