The Star Catcher by Stephanie Keyes

The Star Catcher - Stephanie Keyes

*Sigh* What can I say about this third and final installment in The Star Child series. Nothing much, actually, except to say that I absolutely am in love with the story and the characters and just every aspect of this wonderful piece of work.

To be honest, I had never heard of The Star Child series of books before getting the opportunity to read this book. So when I was also given the first two along with this last one, so that I could start from the beginning and gain a better perspective of what I would be reading with this third book in the series, I absolutely dove in with great vigor.

So much has been revealed throughout this entire series, things pertaining to Alex and his lineage, Calienta and her own lineage, a prophecy pertaining to the two and the fate of the Children of Danu, and secrets that have been kept for years. And even with this last part of the story, there will be twists and turns to satisfy the reader while also trying to tie up loose ends.

This book is written in many different points of view, giving us an almost 360 perspective of what is going on. I love this. Mainly because we get to know what each character is going through and their general thoughts about their situations. We get to delve into their minds. YAY! I LOVE DELVING!!

I also love the fact that Gabe is given a little love interest in this book. Okay, so maybe it is a BIG love interest, but's kinda cute.

Alex and Calienta will have to fight if they want to be reunited, and the fate of the world depends on them winning that fight. I LOVE IT!! But the thing is, they have so much support from the people they love. I BELIEVE IN THEM!!!

Overall, I absolutely have enjoyed this series and this last book especially, and I just know from the bottom of my heart that this author is going to wow us even more with future works.


There are basically no more words for this book. Well, at least two more. They are literally chanting in my head at this very moment. "Read it! Read it!" So please, listen to the voices stating those words in my mind. Pick up this book...this series...and tuck in for a beautiful ride.