Leverage: The Bestseller Job by Greg Cox

The Bestseller Job - Greg Cox

I have to admit that I actually started with this book. I mean, apart from looking at the dates of publication, which I did not do, I had no clue that this was the LATEST to be released. Well, the fact that it says that in the blurb should have probably given me a small hint, but I was more interested in finding out what the book was about than actually paying any attention to when it was released.


So I have been a fan of leverage, the show, since I first discovered it on Ion television a few years ago. Around that time, I believe it was in its fourth season on its mother channel. Just from watching the commercials, I knew that I was gonna love it. I mean, a bunch of former criminals turned vigilantes for justice. What's not to love. And I think everyone has their own favorites. My brother's is Hardison, because he is just like him. My mom's is Eliot, in her words..."DAMN!!" And I actually have two people fighting for top spot in my eyes. Parker and Eliot. Mainly because I love their skills. Due to my adoration of the show, it seemed only logical that I read the books.


I think the main reason I read this book first, after much deliberation between the three, was because it was about a book. Weird, right? I thought it was cool that the team was going to be working to get back the rights to a bestseller from a moneygrubbing individual who wouldn't do anything unless it benefited him personally. Their client? The girlfriend of a man who was rundown after a book signing. But there is infinitely more to the story than meets the eye. Rumors of a possible sequel story will bring to light a character thought to have been dead all these years.


There are fights, break-ins, late night writing sessions...everything you would expect from a leverage episode, just in book form.


The only thing I did have kind of a critique about was a couple of times I felt that certain characters did not seem like themselves. It is hard to explain, but while most of the book felt familiar character personality wise, there were moments when the character's personalities just didn't feel right.


All in all, though, this was a wonderful read. I LOVED IT!! And I will absolutely read the others.