Stonewiser: The Heart of Stone by Dora Machado

The Heart of the Stone  - Dora Machado

Sariah has always thought that stones were pure in judgment. That only the truth was held throughout their natural substance, and on that supposed truth lies the very fate of the lands. But what happens when that truth is hidden or changed to submit to one, or even many, who does not want the true truth to come out?

When Sariah finds a terrible tale within stones she finds in the Guild's Vaults, a tale that was not meant to be found, and is almost killed because of it, she begins a journey that will take her from the Guild into the real world outside of it. A journey that will show her how strong she must be in order to throw away all she believes in order to realize the truth: that there is a rot infiltrating the very recesses of the world she thought to be protected from such things.

Throughout this journey, she will pair up with a group of New Bloods, and one in particular, Kael, seems to hold a slight animosity toward her, because she is at first unwilling to admit that the Guild might be part of the disease, and possibly even her kind. But thankfully this does not prevent him from protecting her when trouble comes calling. And, believe me, it will come calling a lot.


This book is different from a lot of the other fantasy books I have ever read. They way the characters speak, the beautiful descriptive writing, the storyline behind the whole thing, everything is intricate and intimate and so wonderfully put together. It is definitely worth the read, and I absolutely adored this novel.