A Cult of Cole by Micheal Maxwell

A Cult of Cole (A Cole Sage Mystery 3) - Micheal Maxwell

In this third installment in the Cole Sage series, journalist Cole Sage may be in over his head when a mysterious man sets off a series of bombs in response to an article Cole wrote years ago.


So in this story this mysterious man is mainly only truly mysterious to Cole and we as readers get to delve into the bombers brain. We get to experience why he initially begins acting up and what it was in the article Cole wrote that set him off.


I actually quite liked this book in the series because it made quite a few references to the sixties. It had a different feel to it for me than the others mainly because of this fact. We meet some new characters, and one in particular should be very familiar to most people. Again, a reference to the sixties, or at least, a reference to a very poignant moment and person in the sixties.


Love is also in the air in this latest book. Cole begins to blossom even more than he already has since losing his first great love in the first book, and a pretty strong woman catches his eye, and he hers. Will it work out? I guess you all will have to find out by reading it.


There is a chance Cole might not survive this newest story of his...this newest investigation. One man's obsession could mean another's doom. Let's all hope for the best and maybe, just maybe, he can use his wits to get himself out of yet another dire situation.