Crimson Dawn by Amos Cassidy

Crimson Dawn (The Crimson Series) - Amos Cassidy

This book has to be my absolute FAVOURITE in this entire series. Mainly because this is the book where the final battle begins, and where the fate of the world hinges on overcoming the Power.


So to recap from the last book, Rose has now lost her body to the Power. The little deal she made now fully sentient. But just because she has lost her body does not mean she is going to stop finding a way to get it back. She just needs to get rid of certain...complications first.


So much action is packed into this part of the story. This third installment. And it basically involves bad guys becoming good guys, good guys being taken over by the bad guys, and a couple of new additions that could sway fate.


This is the epic battle all of us readers have been waiting for. And believe me, it will not disappoint.