The Return by Carter Vance

The Return (Second Coming, #1) - Carter Vance

I was actually quite amazed at the premise of this book. Now, I am all about reading anything that involves the Templars...well, anything that involves clues and secrets and bad guys trying to keep those secrets from reaching daylight it was definitely a no-brainer for me to pick up this book and read it.


Initially this story starts with one man. A man who ends up finding a book that basically begins a bloodthirsty battle between good and evil. Well, bloodthirsty on the part of the bad guys. This battle not only involves a sacred group that was thought to have been lost centuries before, but also the Second Coming of Christ. And to my surprise, these concepts worked quite beautifully together. They really did fit.


We meet a lot of characters in this, but the main ones that the story focuses on are Sarah Davidson and Peter Christos. It seems that Sarah is the latest in a long line of woman who are actually descended from Christ himself. Only women. That is the important part to remember. And she will play a big role and gain quite a few enemies as the Second Coming gets closer and closer. And of course she will also gain a myriad of support from them, supposedly lost, Templars.


Many familiar things will be mentioned throughout this entire story: the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, etc.


While I did love the story as a whole, I believe that the execution could have been better. The ideas and story and overall package was there, but some tweaks in the forms of editing and proofreading could have made the entire thing pop.


Cannot wait to read what will happen next. The battle is just beginning.