Out for Blood by Marcy G. Dyer

Out for Blood (Desert Winds #2) - Marcy G. Dyer

I was absolutely, positively not disappointed at all by this book. It was a wonderful read packed with all the good bits and pieces suspense novels are made of.

It made me very happy to finally know what Hal's real name was. After being intrigued from the first book, I wondered what it possibly could be. I was also very happy to hear more about Ty, and see where love and duty would take him.

Out of some of the new characters brought in, I think that I enjoyed Leandra the most. She was flirting with EVERYONE!!! And the way she told her friend Dani what's what made me root for her all the way. She is a no-nonsense kind of gal, who obviously learned some very good morals from her momma.

Okay, and now about the main character...Dani. I liked her spirit and resilience throughout everything that was happening to her and the people she loved. She kept going even though she felt responsible for the actions of the protagonist in this book.
I kind of have to add a little something-something about my main man Moose. That dude is awesome. And we finally get to see where his heart is at and who has captured it. I was in the "aw" stage when it came to that moment. YAY!

The ending was PHENOMENAL and had me smiling all the way.

Cannot wait for more from this author. I just can't.