Down & Out by Marcy G. Dyer

Desert Winds Book One: Down and Out - Marcy Dyer

So...I must say that I do not normally read books from cover to cover in a day. Even when I am not doing anything but reading, my normal record is finishing a book in about two days or more. However, Down & Out is one of those rare exceptions. I completely devoured this novel in a span of probably a few hours at the most. It just blew me away. The storyline is phenomenal, the characters are believable, and the dance between jealously and love between the two main characters is absolutely wonderful. The suspense, though, is what truly makes this book superb.

Books have to make me react in some way. Whether it be a laugh, a smile, a tear, or even anger, each book that I read has to create some emotion in me or I consider it a so-so story. This one caused me to react in a way that I have NEVER, EVER reacted. It caused me to shudder. Literally shudder. Every time the protagonist of the story, Candace's stalker, walked onto the page, a pit of fear would form in my stomach. My shoulders would go up to my ears, and I just wanted to get away from him. I felt like a part of the story. I felt like he was after me. Creepy, huh?

Because of that, this book blew me out of the water, and I am definitely going to devour the next book just as easily as this one. I just know it.

Kudos, Marcy Dyer, for such a phenomenal story. You definitely hit the mark.