Kindreds: An Alliance of Bloods by Tani Mura

Kindreds: An Alliance of Bloods (Book 1 of the Kindreds Series) - Tani Mura

What would you do if you were suddenly taken out of the world you have known all your life, and told that there was more out there? Told there was more to see, more to know, more to fight for? Well, Raine has that exact problem.

In her world, Raine, as a woman, is destined to become a breeder. However, she desperately wants to defy that destiny and become part of the Jeysh, a military-like regime that protects the people of the Rims. The people look down upon her, because they say she is shirking her duties as a female. She brushes off their remarks, and works so hard to prove them wrong.

The day of her trials to become part of the Jeysh, she succeeds. Her years of hard training pay off. But she never has a chance to put that training to use as part of the Jeysh, because she is soon stolen away from the Rims and taken to a place she never even knew existed.

The people who steal her away, also manage to take her two best friends, Leif and Jem. They bring the three to a place where people are segregated by blood. Where one King rules all, and where mixed blood is considered illegal among the common people.

It is revealed that there is more than meets the eye with Raine, Leif, and Jem, but especially with Raine. They are not average in any sense, and were brought into the world with a plan in mind. A plan to finally bring together the people of this mysterious place. To finally make them equals in blood, and take out this segregation.

However, will they agree to take part in this plan. Or will the denial that this is truly real be the undoing of the Resistance trying to put the plan into action?

I loved this book. How could I not when Chapter One starts out with swordplay. Wooden swords, but still. There is action, there is intrigue, there is a fantastic storyline that sucks you in from the beginning. There are even some passages that reflect my own beliefs about the world around me.

This felt real. It felt like the authors had reached into my soul and written this book based on what I, myself, know to be right within my own heart. I loved this book with every fibre of my being, and cannot wait for future installments.


I received this book on Goodreads from the author for an honest review.