The Eldritch Files Series, Books 1-3: Elemental Arcane, Elemental Shadows, Elemental Moon - Phaedra Weldon

Sam is a witch - well, half witch on her mother’s side - who owns a shop on Bourbon Street in New Orleans named Bell, Book, and Candle. But when children start killing people, things could get personal as danger creeps closer and closer to home.. These attacks are only the beginning of the cases she will solve in this boxed set, and they could potentially start a chain of events that ends with someone she loves dearly being taken from her. Add a possessed doll head, a wolf familiar, and cyber magic, and this makes for quite an interesting read.


I must admit to a love/hate relationship with this particular set of books. Part of me would love to keep them, while the other part - the editing/proofreading part of me - wants to chuck it in the bin for its too simplistic writing and the fact that as a reader I feel like some of the antics of this main character have been lost in the ether. These supposed first three books should definitely not be the first three. There should have been at least one before these three according to situations described in the not aptly named first book of this series. However, in this case, the part of me that wants to keep them has won out, and that is due to the likability factor of the characters involved. Even the villains of these stories are likable, in a “hope they get caught and put away for life and afterlife” kind of way.