Crimson Midnight by Amos Cassidy

Crimson Midnight (The Crimson Series) (Volume 1) - Amos Cassidy

Rose has a nagging feeling that there is something more for her, that she is something more than what she believes herself to be. She longs for something different in her life, something exciting and out there. So, with a goodbye to her father, she, along with her friend Faye, heads off to London, to stay at her Aunt Flo's house while she is figuring out what she wants her life to be.


Sparks soon fly when she meets Roman, Flo's adopted son. However, a problem arises when she befriends Roman's "girlfriend" Thistle. *You will find out if you read this book why I put quotes around the word girlfriend.* Everything seems all hunky-dory, until a mysterious demon creature that vomits black stuff tries to attack Rose and Thistle. That is the very moment Rose's true self shines through.


After a scare with magic she never knew she even possessed, Rose finds out the secrets of the world around her. The secrets of the people she thought she knew. The secrets of a world kept hidden from mortal eyes.


I ABSOLUTELY loved this book. I was AMAZING!!! There is really nothing bad to say. It has twists, turns, humor, seriousness, a wedding, magic, supernaturals, EVERYTHING that I could ever want in a paranormal story all rolled up into one. READ THIS!!! You will love it!