Charming by Krystal Wade

Charming - Krystal Wade

From the very beginning of this story, the moment Haley begins talking about her family, her father, his abuse, her mother's death, before she even steps into the house, I completely felt her tension and fear. From the moment her father said his first word to the daughter he completely ignores unless it's convenient or he wants to hurt her, I felt that ball of terror in my own gut. And from the moment Chris Charming said two words to Haley, I knew I was hooked.

You see, Haley once had everything Chris Charming has, the perfect family, the perfect life, her mother's business, until one accident took first her father's loving personality away from her, and a second, her mother's life, leaving her to protect the sister who has no clue what Haley deals with each and every day. She takes punch after punch, be it emotional or physical, just to keep her sister in the dark. Her past life is a mere dream now. And it looks like happiness is far, far away...

But then one night, one magical night, she is allowed to smile, to laugh, to dance and let her guard down...until midnight, that is. Her curfew. Wow, this author was right, it is like Cinderella, if Cinderella came back home and found her father missing and her sister acting weird and then just a couple days later is sent an envelope containing a severed finger. Turned on ya, didn't it? 

Haley will have a dilemma on her hands when a psycho starts threatening the family she has left if she doesn't cooperate. And by cooperate, she must keep Chris Charming away from his own house so that Mr. Charming, his father, will be easy pickings. Should she just tell someone? Or should she just do as this mysterious person says in the hopes that her family, no matter how bad they treat her, is returned safe.

Things will definitely escalate, and Haley will suspect everyone as she attempts to find out who this terrifying person is who seems to know her every move. 


I loved that Haley finds her voice in this story. Even though obviously the person who took her family is just a tad crazy, okay, more than a tad, he or she represents the man she is so afraid to stand up to for fear her sister's life will be shattered. A lot of the things both do are similar, from the way they speak to her sometimes when she does something wrong to the way they know everything she does, or at least seem to, and it is nice that throughout the story, Haley finds her fight again. And on top of that, she finds something, someone, worth fighting for. The ending made me laugh and almost cry and, wow, it is just a really good read