Pricless by Tom Davis

Priceless: A Novel on the Edge of the World - Tom Davis

I am not an emotional person when it comes to books or movies, heck, I'm not even that emotional in public, but this book, by the end of it, caused a few tears to run down my face. The story just got to me. I have known about this world for some time now, albeit to a small degree, but this was my first experience reading it in a fiction novel, and what an impressive experience it was, too.


When I picked this book up at my local store, I honestly didn't know what I was getting into. I mean, one of the main reasons I grabbed it was because the cover looked interesting. I had barely skimmed the blurb of it and it was suddenly in my cart. Maybe it was the will of a higher power that made me buy it. Maybe the story covering its pages was meant to fall into my hands at that exact moment. I don't know. What I do know is that now I have read this story, I will do all in my power to help those who are forced into that life. That world is not unlike something a member of my own family has gone through, and seeing her happy with a husband and children drives me to show other girls that happiness and love is possible. That a better life is possible.


I already have this author's first book, Scared, ready to read, so I definitely know what is next for me. And I also know that if I find any other works by him, I will pick those up as well. His is not merely a talent, but a passion for words, and it is many a human being who will be helped by this very passion.