Agony by Kshitij

Agony - Kshitij

After an experience she could never forget years ago involving the deaths/disappearances of three old friends of hers, Kewy has been haunted by nightmares. Nightmares which feel so real that she is afraid to fall asleep for fear of being taken over by them. She knows something is not right. She knows something is calling for her to go back. Back to the town where the horrifying ordeal happened. Back to the place where her life changed forever.


But she will not be going alone. A student of hers named Einin and a man who deeply cares for her, Kasper, are going to accompany her on this journey. However, they may not know what they are truly in for until it is too late. For the secret behind the nightmares is a truth that could be too hard to swallow.


Now firstly I must say that I loved the concept of this story. It...I don't know...intrigued me. I loved the all around creepiness of the town to which Kewy must go back. The town that seems to call to her. It kind of reminded me of limbo. You know, there but not really there. A ghost town, if you will. I loved that there is a much bigger story to the town, involving a pact with Satan and a sacrifice of certain qualifications. I also loved the people of the town. Just talking about it sends shivers down my spine.


With that said, though, I was a bit disappointed by the execution of the story. There were no low points, but there were no high points or climaxes. I want a story to have a big reveal, where the main character has no idea what his or her true fate or destiny is until the end, and then they must choose. I wanted Kewy to be haunted throughout the entire journey back by her past with the town. I wanted the town to reveal small bits and pieces of her role in its survival, but not fully awaken and reveal the big picture until she had begun to realize it herself. I wanted her to fight. Against the town, and its inhabitants, and more importantly her role. And I wanted her to win, to for once and for all stop the nightmares. There was no huge battle. I wanted Kewy, Kasper, and Einin to survive the ordeal and come back stronger than ever. Albeit a bit battered and bruised, but joined together in victory. I just felt like there could have been more in the way of interest and intrigue and horror and excitement. But all in all, it was a good read.