Conflict of Interest by Allyson Lindt

Conflict of Interest (Bits & Bytes Book 1) - Allyson Lindt

So for me this was one of those books that I really couldn't judge based on the cover. At first glance I wasn't even sure if I would even like the book and had basically passed it off. But after a couple of days and quite a bit of deliberation over the blurb itself, I jumped in and took a chance.

Now, I usually am not a big fan of characters who are "undecided." What that basically means to me is that they say one thing while hoping the character they say it to does another thing completely. Normally and predictably the undecided character tends to get mad when what they think should happen doesn't and what they say should happen does. Because this is in fact a real trait in people, I tend to try to stay away from it in stories. And when it came up in this one, I was a bit tentative. But because of this book I have found out that I have not been reading the right ones. This author's characters, or at least the one doing the undeciding, actually admitted that is what they were doing. They felt guilty because of this and knew that if they didn't stop they would lose the love of a lifetime. YAY! I was quite relieved when the remorse set in. All I could think was "Finally!" I had never seen that before in any book with the undecided trait.

Story-wise I didn't really get into the book until about halfway through. It wasn't until the relationship between Scott and Kenzie began to get a little rocky that I realized I was completely invested. I mean, I thought nothing of it when they began their little off work, and sometimes on work, rendezvous, but when uncertainty began to dissolve that, I was like "Come on! You can't do this now! You had such a good thing going!" It wasn't until then that I actually started cheering every time the two got together once again. I just really wanted them to end up as a couple.

Throughout the book, both characters taught each other something. Kenzie taught Scott that his past shouldn't affect his present. In fact, he should take the past and make his present better using what he has learned from his experiences. And Scott taught Kenzie that sometimes the rulebook needs to be thrown out the window. Caring what people think about you all the time can be exhausting and, frankly, cause you to lose the things you love most. He brought out a side to her that I do not think anyone had seen in a long time. And vice-versa. They just both clicked. In all the right ways.

And what about Riley, Kenzie's sister? She seems like an absolute mess in the love department, but she is phenomenal at giving advice. Near the end, when she is basically telling Kenzie like it is, she is so spot on! Kenzie wasn't willing to admit it to herself, but in the end, Riley gave her the best love advice to get back her man. Whether or not Kenzie took it is quite another story.


This book left me wanting so much more. I have wish-listed the rest in this series! I just want to know if Kenzie's boss could be a character in a future book. *Cross fingers* Hey, a girl can dream can't she? I just...ugh...I ended up absolutely adoring this book. I am totally fangirling right now over Kenzie and Scott's relationship so much it is not even funny. Seriously...I don't normally fangirl. I don't so much, in fact, that I didn't even know what fangirling was until this year. Or maybe last year. Anyway, kudos to this author for bringing that out in me. I tip my imaginary hat to you.