Balance by Ciara Knight

Balance - Ciara Knight

Third and final installment of the Neumarian Chronicles is quite a bit darker compared to the other two. War is on the horizon and every single character will have to delve inside themselves to get through it. Only the strong, both in mind and in body, will be able to come through to the other side, if there is to be another side.


There is a lot of death and destruction in this final book. It is the escalation before the big showdown with the queen. There is a lot of despair and loss and all-around hopelessness that roils through the main characters. This is a war they do not know if they can win. And on top of it all, Semara begins to second guess her own command. Well, she knows she has made the best calls she could based on the current situation, but it is the fact she has indirectly signed the death warrants of those fighting with her that gets to her. Knowing that she has caused her own brand of death, even if she is not the one killing. But sound advice from her father tells her she must lock those emotions away if she is to continue fighting for freedom for all. And she too knows this is true deep in her heart, but you see throughout the books that her facade of strength cracks when no one is looking. And I think those small moments make her stronger.


Throughout the destruction and despair and darkness, however, is peppered little moments of happiness and joy. Talks of marriage and the sight of children running in the sun brings hope. Little rays of sunshine that keep the reader rooting for the side of good. 


But will this hope be enough to destroy a daunting force and bring back what was lost all those years ago?


Compared to the second book in this series, this book wasn't as clean, and there were moments where I had to read things two or three times to understand what the author might have meant. It seemed like the first one, a bit jumbled at times and sometimes confusing, but there were moments of clarity throughout. It was a very satisfying end to this series.